Poor Harry, he thought too much, now he is mad...

Who is Harry Potter?== Harry Potter is a dumb personality. He thinks he is the best, what affects the way he speaks, causing him to speak in a very annoying way, saying every word clearly yet loudly and dumbly. On Doomsday he becomes very smart, humble and calm.

He is WHAT?Edit

As sad and unbelievable it is, Harry is Immortal. Everytime anyone tries to kill him with Evada Kedabra, he comes back to life, thus, the only way to actually kill him is to stab his heart and leave the weapon there, so that everytime he comes to life, he dies right away. He will never really die and rott though.
Potter the killer

Rough day Harry?

A Were-Vampier Fairy?Edit

Yes, once, Ginny told Harry, that if he pets all cactuses all around the world, he will become an actual fairy. Ron told him he will become a were-fairy if he gets bitten by a werewolf, and George told him that if he gets bitten by a vampire he will become a were-vampire fairy. Harry believed them and pet all the cactuses around the world, then got bitten by both were-wolf and vampire. Incredibly, it worked! ever since, Harry can become a Were-Vampire Fairy. It lookes like a very pale Harry, with vampire fangs, very hairy and with tiny fairy wings and pink dress. He shrinks to a fairy size. It is a very horrible sight.